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About Us

We focus specifically on enhancing business performance. We optimise your current resources and work with what you have already invested in.

Reimagine the way people connect and grow.

A Customer and Employee Experience Consultancy

We help brands transform transactional moments into meaningful relationships and powerful emotional experiences.


Consulting & Advisory Services

CX Change & Transformation

Transformation of any kind is a multi-step journey, and Customer Experience transformation is no different. But as daunting as it can seem, with Imaginate Consulting, getting started isn't always as difficult as you think: Start small, stay focused and move quickly.

CX Measurement & Metrics

Customer experience is all about customers, but it’s backed up by numbers. Metrics showcase the progress of customer experience initiatives and pinpoint areas for improvement. KPIs are also often connected to finances and play a crucial role in gaining additional funding for customer experience programs and showing the ROI. 

CX Governance

Without a governance framework in place to guide and prioritize decision-making, it’s difficult — if not impossible — to drive meaningful change within a business. We can help you to drive meaningful change via CX. Not just because a shift toward the customer is a good business decision, but because your competitive marketspace is increasingly demanding that your decisions and business be built around customers.

KPI & Rewards Alignment with Behaviors

Data drives personalized relationships and strong customer experiences. Without tracking key metrics, companies don’t have the full picture of their customer experience progress. We are able to work with you to identify the right KIPs to better understand your customers, monitor your progress, and reward the right behaviors. 

Brand Alignment, Emotional Intentions and Mapping

We  believe that leaders need to work on the essence of their company and the internal aspects of culture just as much as the external aspects. To succeed, a brand must master communication competency internally with their employee as well as externally with their customers. If you feel that you have excellent products or services but your team and culture do not match, then we can help you to create a completely aligned experience — encompassing customers and employees alike. 

People Operations and Talent Management

In the new era of digitalisation, it has become increasingly important to align your customer experience and your employee experience. 

Attracting and retaining talent means making sure the recruitment and onboarding process of candidates live up to your organisational culture.

We have People Operation specialists are also accomplished in designing, planning and delivering your engagement and cultural strategy. They help you define the right competency framework to select the right candidates against the essential skills and behaviors.


Activation & Implementation

Experience Activation Workshop

This is a collaborative working session in which your team share ideas, experience and insights with each other.

They are led by expert facilitators who know the business, understand the objectives:

Importance of emotions in decision making. 

Managing the emotional stages of change. 

Communicating for action.

KPI’s and behavior. 

Team work and roles of everyone 

Driving change and energize individuals

Coaching Support & Implementation

Change in behavior requires constant support. Our key differentiator is our constant follow up with your management and your team to ensure a powerful implementation. We are present in all the phases of change including the most confronting to build the confidence that you need to go through these changes.

Train The Trainer

Our Train the Trainer (TTT) Programme is a great opportunity for trainers, managers or CX ambassadors to learn from our expert tutors with vast training experience and to refine their training skills and influencing skills.

The potential trainers will also learn how to implement our unique CX methodology and analyse the CX measurement which is our key to success and has resulted in brilliant results.

Our TTT programme will give learners a chance to practice, present and get feedback from senior trainers at the Imaginate.

How We Partner

Focusing on enhancing business performance

With you, we evaluate, assess, advise and design the key elements needed to transform your customers’ experience. Our unique difference is that we personally support you in implementing the change. We work hand-in-hand with your teams, over six to twelve months, to coach and enhance business’ performance.


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